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About Us

As the creation of Bangladesh is a surprise in the map of the world, so greater Noakhali is an area which has a distinct and remarkable position in Bangladesh. The greater Noakhali has earned a glorious position at home and abroad. The intensive success and talents of the people of the area have made this possible. The Noakhali people have been able to keep their position high in the field of politics, economic activities, administration, education, culture and journalism. It is a matter of jealousy for the people of other regions. This glorious history is known but not to all. We intend to let the world know the talented people of the area. Database website on greater Noakhali is a project in this regard.

Characteristics of this Site

To uphold the tradition and glory of greater Noakhali in the national and international perspective.

To create communication between the people of greater Noakhali who are scattered in many parts of the world and to keep this spirit intact.

To uphold the various activities of greater Noakhali and to make the people to come close to each other.

To supply information relating to greater Noakhali to those, who are engaged in education and research.

To place the past and present facts of success of the people of greater Noakhali in the field of education, politics, economic activities, culture, literature, journalism etc. and preserve those for long.

To make the life style of the people of the region dynamic, modern and easier through the presentation of day-to-day immediate needs, such as Telephone Directories of three districts, Important Personalities,  Communication and Transport, Tourism, Job-news, Matchmaking, Star-search, Noakhali Platform Guest of Month, Online Survey on different issues of Greater Noakhali, etc.

To present and preserve the colourful activities of the established organizations and institutions, the coloured profile of the personalities so as to enable anybody to visit the web and download the same for any purpose from any corner of the world instantly.

The present-day information technology is controlled by english language, The construction of the biggest website of a region using english terms of IT is a difficult task. On the other hand, the facts and figures placed here are just a rough of our main projects. So presence of any mistake is not impossible. Giving it a full shape will remain under process. 

The Lakshmipur Barta is only a sponsor of this website, but this is a matter of pride for all Noakhali-people. So correction of errors, enrichment and extension of this web-database or any suggestion in this regard may kindly be communicated to the following address which would be gladly accepted.

Let all good efforts be fruitful.

    M Helal  

 Project Director
Database Web on Greater Noakhali
 Lakshmipur Barta Office 
33, Topkhana Road ( floor-12 ), Dhaka-1000
             Tele. 9560225, 9550055 (O)
 E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com
www. lakshmipurbarta.info