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Naming & Formation

As in the case of many other places, there are legends and hearsays about the naming of Feni also. But it is difficult to say which one legend or hearsay is correct. Legend goes that Feni was named after Fani Raja who was a feudal lord of King Birat of Paundrabardhan (i.e.North Bengal). His Kingdom was in the south-east Bengal. “Dighi of Birat  Raja” “Hat-

A pond full of water hyacinth locally called 'Fena', which is believed to be the source of naming Feni 

ghat of Birat Raja“ etc. are the remains of King Birat as described   in the Mohabharat. There is hearsay that the big tank at the center of  Feni town was dug at the  initiative of the  descendants of Fani Raja. Another legend is that in the distant past, a large portion of the area which now constitutes the district of Feni  was low-lying area with abundance of water hyacinth (locally called “pena”). It is said that the area was named as Feni  from the word “pena”. Hearsay is also there, that in the ancient age, innumerable bubbles (locally called “Fena”) were found in the low-lying area of the present Feni district, and the area was named as Feni  from the word 

“Fena”. Legend also goes that in the distant past, the area now constituting the district of Feni was a roaming ground  of “phani” meaning snake. To get rid of the poisonous snakes, people used to plant hundreds of “Phani Manasha” tree. Probably, the area was named as Feni from  the words “phani” and  “phani mansha”. There is a hearsay that the river passing through the area of present Feni district in those days, proceeded ahead in a zigzag way which took the shape of a “phani” or snake. Hence the river was called Feni. Afterwards, the whole area was named as  Feni as the three sides of the area are surrounded by the said river.

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