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Smallest among the three districts of greater Noakhali, Feni is ideally located for tourism. Feni town stands at the middle point between Dhaka and Chittagong. The ancient highway ' Grand Trunk Road' constructed during the Moghal rule ran through the middle of Feni town. Its remnants are found till to-day. The newly constructed Asian Highway, locally called 'Bishwa Road', runs by the west side of Feni town. Owing to the presence of Asian Highway, the importance of Feni has increased. Feni has got they possibility of becoming an industrially developed area in the near future as various industrial units have been set up by the two sides of Asian Highway. Gas field of Feni, though now stopped, when it will start functioning again, tourists from home and abroad would come to visit the area. 

The archaeological department has unearthed a part of a large idol made of stone, a symbol of ancient age, at village Shilua, near Feni town. The department is preserving the area. Many tourists come here to see this historic antique .

There is a historical village fair, called Naldia Mela, at Daganbhuiyan upazilla of Feni. This fair is being arranged every year in the Bengali month of 'MAGH' for the last 200 years and continues for 15 days. Thousands of people from far and near attend this fair with enthusiasm. If the communication system further develops, this fair will attract more visitors.

A big tank, called 'Kaiara Dighi', has the elements of tourist attraction. This tank was dug by Shamser Gazi, the 'tiger of lower Bengal', to perpetuate the memory of his mother Kaiara Bibi. The tank is famous for its pure and clean water. It is so clean that fishes staying at the bottom of the tank can be seen easily. People of the locality drink the water of the tank.

Chandgazi Bhuiyan Mosque is famous for its architectural beauty. The archaeological department is preserving the mosque as a monument. The shrine (majar) of the famous muslim saint Syed Amiruddin Pagla Meah (popularly known as Pagla peer) is situated at Feni town. Thousands of devotees come here not only from greater Noakhali but also from other districts of the country to pay respect to him.

Feni Airport, built during the second world war and now abandoned, still reminds the tourists of the sad memory of the war and the resistance of the Allied forces against the Axis power. 

Feni Degree College, established during the British period as the only institution for higher education in the south, attracts tourists from far & wide. Similarly, Ataturk High School at Daganbhuiyan was established during the liberation war of Turkey to commemorate the great achievements of Kamal Pasha, the father of modern Turkey. This historical institution is being looked after by the Turkish Govt. Two Honourable Presidents of Turkey have attended the founding anniversary of this institution in two occasions. Tourists from home and abroad come to see this school.

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Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com 

Place your

Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com