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Economic Condition


Lakshmipur district has not yet been industrialized inspite of its immense possibilities. The only big industry at Raipur 'Noakhali Textile Mill' has been out of production for the last few years. It is in the process of sale to private entrepreneurs through open tender. 

Majupur, a big trade centre on the bank of river Meghna, is suitable for a river-port. But the authority is not giving due importance to the matter. Had a river-port been established here the surrounding area of Lakshmipur would rapidly develop.  Similarly, the proposed fertilizer  

Dr. Wahidul Haq

Former Minister of Finance, Bd. Govt. 

factory, if established, would help develop the economy of the area. Fishing is the main profession of a large number of people of Lakshmipur which is called the gift of the Meghna. Cash-crops like coconut and betel-nut are playing a positive role in the economy of the district. Owing to water-logging, vast area of Lakshmipur remains uncultivated during major part of the year which greatly effects the economic condition of the people of this region.

Md. Giash Uddin Chowdhury,


Congratulation to the inhabitants of my area and 

also the authority of Lakshmipur Barta for it's 

construction of web database.

Present Address
 Estern Paradise
35, Segunbagicha,
Tele: 9348416 (Off.)

Permanent Address
Father: Sultan Ahmed
Khan, Vill. Rasulgonj,
Union: Char Ruhita,
Dist. Lakahmipur

Place your

Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com