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History of Origin

Lakshmipur, one of the districts of Greater Noakhali, was a Sub-division of former Noakhali district before1984. Earlier when Noakhali was divided into two Sub-divisions, Lakshmipur was a Thana. Within a short span of time, Lakshmipur became a Sub-division from thana and then a district from Sub-division. Former Noakhali was formed in 1822. Before that some areas were part of former Tippera (Comilla) district, Hatia and Sandwip were part of Chittagong district, and Sudharam, Begumganj, Lakshmipur, Ramganj and Amirgaon areas were under former Noakhali district. It was first formed under a Joint Magistrate with administrative and judicial power. Sudharam was the district Head Quarter and the district was named as ‘Noakhali’ after ‘Naya Khal’ (New Canal), running through the middle of the town. Today’s Lakshmipur is a symbol of history and culture of Noakhali and engaged to keep the unity of greater Noakhali intact. Lakshmipur is well-known in Bangladesh for the production of paddy, jute, betel-nut, coconut etc. But water logging problem acts as a limiting factor in the production capacity

Hand-knit of neta traditional cottage industry of Lakshmipur

this district. There was great possibility of establishing a river port on the bank of the Meghna, which was not materialized. River port in Lakshmipur is still a dream. Besides, there was an attempt to establish a big fertilizer factory in Lakshmipur by the side of the Meghna, but unluckily it was shifted to another district. Thus Lakshmipur has been deprived of having a big industry. Failure to run the ‘Noakhali Textile Mills established at Rakhalia has indirectly discouraged the entrepreneurs of Noakhali.

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