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Liberation War

During the great war of liberation of Bangladesh greater Noakhali made unique contribution. The gallant freedom-fighters of Lakshmipur district showed an uncommon bravery in the war and set a glaring example of patriotism. The glorious achievements of those fighters will be written in golden letters in the history of our liberation war.  In April 1971, all the towns of greater Noakhali including Lakshmipur fell under the grip of Pakistan occupation army. They formed the 'Rajakar' organization. By that time the freedom-fighters also acquired the capability to combat the enemy forces. 

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Here follows an event-wise record of the war of liberation in the Lakshmipur region :-

On 26 May, 71 Subeder Waliullah captured 6 rifles from Dalalbazar rajakar camp killing 30 rajakars.

On 11 June, the inter-district road-connecting culvert at Chandraganj had been blown off for disrupting the movement of Pak army.

Habilder Matin attacked the Baghbari camp at Lakshmipur on 21 June & killed 16 rajakars with one militia.

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Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com 

On 25 June Habilder Matin again attacked the Baghbari camp with mortar. Some persons were wounded in this operation. 

Subeder Waliullah killed some rajakars in the Kafilatali camp on 26 June.

Under the command of Habilder Matin a platoon of liberation force launched a fierce attack on the advancing Khansena at Kalirbazar where some enemy persons were killed or injured. In retaliation the Pak army set fire to the bazar and fled away. 

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Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com 

On 17 July, a platoon of liberation force under the guidance of Habilder Zakir Hossain attacked a contingent of Pak army advancing from Norimpur, north of Ramganj. Two rajakars were killed in this attack.

Subeder Wali, Habilder Matin and Shahabuddin jointly attacked the Mandari camp of Pak army on 19 July. In this battle two jawans of the liberation force embraced mytrdom.

On 23 July, Pak army restored the railway communication system with Noakhali by repairing Shahebjada bridge. Under the guidance of Naiek Abul Hossain and Subedar Shamsul Haque the bridge was again destroyed thereby disconnecting the railway communication with Noakhali.

On 14 August, the Pak army repaired the Apania bridge, but Naiek Shahid disconnected Laksam-Noakhali communication by destroying the bridge again.

On 26 August, a large group of militia and rajakars advanced towards Amishapara from Aminbazar. Receiving the news, the freedom-fighters under the command of Subedar Waliullah launched attacks on the enemy from all sides. Here six rajakars were killed and several others wounded. One rajakar was arrested. Here few chinese rifles were captured by the freedom-fighters.

On 10 September, the liberation force arrested a boy who was deployed by the Pak army to observe the movement of the freedom-fighters and reporting the same to the army . That boy later worked for the freedom-fighters.

On 2 October, under the leadership of Subeder Ishaque and Commander Ekram, a group of freedom-fighters attacked the rajakars at Ramganj and Paniwalabazar and killed 4 of them.

On 3 October, the criminal rajakar Abul Bashar, on way to Bagadia from Bipulshar, was captured by Subeder Shamsul Haque. Secret information of Pak. army was gathered from him.

On 10 November, mines were placed on the road near Chandraganj. A truck carrying wheat (ata) to Lakshmipur was destroyed by mine and the driver was killed.

On 13 November, Subeder Lutfar Rahman attacked the Lakshmipur rajakar camp with one platoon freedom-fighters. Many rajakars were killed in this operation.

Subeder Waliullah destroyed the rajakar camp at Ramganj at midnight on 17 November.

On 29 November, the invader Pak army personnel while lifting two girls in a pick-up, Habilder Awal attacked the vehicle. At that moment some Pak-army men arrived and there was a 2 hour-long fight between them. Pak-army fled away leaving the two girls who were handed over to their relatives.

On 30 November, while repairing the Shahebzada bridge the Pak-army men fled away on getting a severe blow from Habilder Noor Mohammad. 

On 1 December, Habilder Lutfar Rahman brush-fired the advancing Pak-army near Chandraganj with LMG. In return Pak-army also fired innumerable shots. Suddenly the magazine of LMG of the liberation force ran short of bullet. They crawled back and thereby escaped a sure death.

On 4 December, a group of freedom-fighters under the guidance of Engineer Abul Hossain destroyed all the important bridges of the area. This had created a panic in the Pak-army who began to flee towards Comilla facing resistance from the freedom fighters who were in ambush at many places. 

On 5 December, the Pak-army fled away through the villages apprehending attack Habilder Abdul Latif on the Laksam-Noakhali road.


The martyr freedom-fighters of 1971 liberation war from Lakshmipur. 

Lakshmipur sadar

Rabindra Kumar Shaha     : Bhabaniganj

Mazharul Manir (Sabuj)   : Olipur

Mansur Ahmed                 : Chhabilpur

Chand Miah : Olipur

Ali Azzam                         : Nandanpur

Naek Abul Hashem         : Samajpur

Loqman Miah                   : Jamirtali

Md. Mostafa Miah           : Jamirtali

Jainal Abedin                    : Charruhita

Nur Mohammad              : Baralia

Mohammad Hossain: Fateh Dharmapur

S M Kamal                      : Palpara

Abdul Barik                      : Narasinghpur

Ruhul Amin                       : Atiatali

Jahirul Islam                      : Syedpur

Abul Khair                       : Banchanagar

Mohammad Ullah             : Ushiar Kandi

Abdul Hye                        : Rokanpur

Sirajullah                          : Ushiarkandi

Maminullah                       : Rokanpur

Abdul Matin                     : Bhangakhan


Raipur Upazilla

Md. Atiq Ullah    : Keroa

Abdullah                    : Keroa

Md. Mostafa       : Uttar Keroa

Abul Khair (Buta)      : Char Mohona

Ismail Miah          : Uttar Sagardi 

Sahadullah Member   : Char Pangashia

Abdul Kalam       : Uttar Saisa


Ramgati Upazilla

Mustafizar Rahman     :   Torabganj

Ali Mohammad   : Torabganj

Benu Majumdar         :  Char Jangalia


Ramganj Upazilla

Shahid Nazrul Islam    : Majheer Gaon

Abdur Rashid      : Kanchanpur