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Industry & Business

It is a matter of pride for the people of Greater Noakhali that 33% of the economic activity of the country is controlled by them. The infra-structure facilities in Noakhali have not yet developed up to the mark. In spite of that, the enthusiastic and self-reliant entrepreneurs have done a lot in respect of establishment of  industry and business in the soil of

Mirza Anwar

Al-Amin Group

M A Hasem, MP
Partex Group

Noakhali.  Though most of the entrepreneurs of Greater Noakhali are still hesitant to come forward   to set up industry in their own area, some of them have overcome the odds with courage and set up some industries in Noakhali. Among them Anwar Mirza, Sarwar Mirza Shameem, Harunur Rashid & Abdul Awal Mintu have established various industries in Noakhali. It may be proudly mentioned that the products of those industries have gained a good ground all over Bangladesh.

Morshed Alam

Bengal Group


Globe Pharma. Ltd.

The entrepreneurs of Greater Noakhali are playing a positive role in the field of industry and commerce. Among them those hailing from the present Noakhali district are Mr. M A Hasem (M. P.), Chairman, Partex Group; Mr. Morshed Alam, Chairman, Bengal Group of Companies; Mr. Harun-ur-Rashid of Globe Pharmacutical Ltd. & Globe Soft drinks Ltd.,  Mr. Anwar Mirza, M D, Al-amin Biscuits Ltd., Major (Rtd.) A Mannan, Chairman, Sunman Group;  


Kazi Mafizur Rahman,  Managing Director, Kazi Air International; Mr. M Abul Khair, Managing Director, Air Trip International;  Mr. M A Khan Belal, Chairman, Samrat Group;  Sarwar Mirza Shameem, M D, Habib Vegetable Products Ltd; Fazlul Azim (former M P), Chairman, Azim Group of Companies;  Zahid Hossain, M D, Zafar International;  Lion Md. Faruq, M D, Al-orchard International;  Lion Ruhul Amin Chisty, M D, Continental Currier;  Sharif Hossain Chowdhury, M D, Happy Homes Ltd. and Salahuddin Ahmed,  M D,  S A Paribahan. They have great contribution to the development of commerce & industry in the country. Besides, the businessmen and industrialists who are playing an active role in the  field of trade and commerce are Chittaranjan  Saha of Puthighar and Muktadhara;  Alok Shaha, Akbar Hossain,  Al-haj M A Motaleb,

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Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com 

 M D, Venus Group;  Al-haj Abdur Rashid  Bhuiyan, M D, Rashid Electronics;  Abdul Awal Khan, M D, Baitul Aman Tower;  Abu Sufian, Director, Basundhara;  Abdus Salek, M D, Paradise Knitting & Dyeing;  Abu Sufian of  S Enterprise;  Abdur Rashid  Bhuiyan of Dhaka Hide & Skin;  Anisul Haq, Chairman, Mohammadi Group;  Abul Kalam of Mita Prakashani;  Al-haj Siraj-ud-Doula, Chairman, Mohammad (Arabi) Welfare Trust;  Alhaj Mohammad Abdus Sattar of Balaka International;  Alhaj Mohammad Sahebullah Bhuiyan of Bhuiyan Motors;  Abdur Razzaque of Kalakantha Prakashani;  Anisur Rahman of Rahmania Liabray;  Abdul Hamid Khan of Venic Bangladesh Ltd.;  A U Ahmed, Chairman,  A-fish Ltd.;   S M Shah Alam  Chowdhury of Agri  Impex;  N H Khan of  Multi-Tech 

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Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com 

Systems;  A K M Shahidullah, M D, Imperial Hotel International;  M S Islam Shaheen of Moon Enterprise;  A N M Elias Chowdhury of Al-quiyum International;  Dr. M A Mannan, Director, Shuvechha Coaching  Centre; M A Rahim Manik, M D, Zam Zam International;  S M Hasan of  S H International;  Professor M  Abdullah, Chairman, M Abdullah & Sons;  Kabir Meah of Islamia Book House; Golam Mowla, Chairman, G M Group;  Golam Faruk of Al-faruk International;  Golam Mustafa,  M D, Kallol Group; Golam Mahiuddin Latu (Son of Late Abdul Malek Ukil),  M D, Al-amin Offset Printing & Packazing Ltd.; Golam Mostofa Babul of Eastland Network; Golam Mostufa Kiron of Patriot International; Julfikar Mahmud Ratan of M E H Survey  & Inspection Co.;  Gainunkur Roy Chowdhury of G R & Co.;  Tajul Islam of A T B Overseas;  Nurul Islam Bakul of Ahsan International;  Ferdous Alam Khan of Lina Enterprise;  Mohammad Azizul Haq of Meghna Overseas;  Mohammad Shahabuddin, M D, Paradise International; Mir Marfatullah Suman, Proprietor, Misfalah International; Md. Sahabuddin of Sunrise Engineers;  Md. Mosharraf Hossain of Bithi Air Travels & Taico Ltd.;  Monwar Hossain Towfiq of Mahi Overseas International; Maleq Afsari, Film Director; Mohd. Badrudozza Chowdhury, Director, Dhaka Tanneries Ltd.;  Mohd. Shamsul Islam,  M D, Unique Services;  Mohd. Nurul Huda, M D, Dhaka Tanneries Ltd.; Mohd. Hossain of Jhinuk Sharighar;  Mohd. Ishaq of Master Fashion;  Moulana Hafez Ahmed Chowdhury of Al-amin Library;  Mohd. Golamun Nabi of Ashrafia  Liabrary Ltd.;  Mohd. Nurul Amin of Al-Baraka Liabrary; Moyeen Meah, Director, Mousumi Paribahan;  Majibul Haq of Emdadia Kutubkhana;  Mohd. Tajul Islam, M D, Airland  International;  Mosharraf Hossain of Abdullah Trading Establishment;  Mohd. Malek Meah of Shaheen Leather Store;  Mohd. Mashiur Rahman Chowdhury of Surma Traders International;  Moulana A H M  Nasiruddin of Shahi Carpets;  Masudul Haq Chowdhury Bahar, Director, Mimu Enterprise;  Mohammad Atique Sohel, M D, 3rd Eye; Maniruddin Ahmed, M D, Rani Film Ltd.;  Mohd. Nurul Alam of Foez Electric Co;  Mohd. Shafiqul Alam Khokan of Sikmi Syndicate;  Mohd. Borhanuddin Ratan of Monoram Services; Mohd. Faruq Mahmud,  M D, Mahmud Trading Agency; Mohammad Hossain, M D, Orcid Travels;  Mohammed Quasem, Hakim, New Life Natural Harbes;  Mohd. Siraj-ud-Doula Azad of Agragami Engineers Ltd.;  Mohammad Firoz Alam of  A M & Sons;  Mohd. Abul Quasem, Chairman, Abul Khair group;  Jobaidur Rahman Milon, Chairman, Everest Garments Ltd.; Rabiul Hossain Kachi, M D, Creative Communications;  Rahmatullah of Grand Travels Ltd.;  Rakibul Islam Chowdhury Kazal,  M D, Film Fair Video Ltd.;  Ruhul Amin, M D, Ruhul Amin & Brothers; Shahabuddin, M D, Shova  Enterprise;  Shahidul Islam Shahid of  Janani Traders;  Sheik Mahiuddin, Chairman, Tajarat Group; Saleh Ahmed of Cross World   International; Shamsuddin Ahmed, Proprietor, Hongkong Restaurant;  Sayed Ahmed of Saiful Enterprise; Hazi Mohammad Sadequllah of Titas Trade International;  Hazi Basirullah, M D, Yusuf Leather Corporation Ltd.; Hazi Nur Mohammad, M D, Al-medina Tannery; Hazi Abdul Malek of Azad Agency; Humayun Ahmed Kabir, Washington  D C,  USA and Haris Ahmed of Aparup Shari Bitan.