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History of Origin

Two hundred years back from now Noakhali district was known as ‘Bhulua Pargana’. South Shahbazpur, Lakshmipur, mainland of Noakhali district and a portion of present Feni district were included in the Bhulua Pargana. In 1821 Mr. Plyden, the then salt agent, got the additional charge of collectorate of Bhulua from the Governor General. He proposed to the Governor General to establish a new district when some     administrative problems arose with other salt-agents of Bhulua. On 29 March, 1822 the  Governor General passed an order in this regards and accordingly a new district was constituated with south Shabajpur,  Sudharam,  Begumganj,  Ramganj,  Raipur, Lakshmipur,  Feni, Parshuram, Elahabad pargana of Tippera and Hatia, Sandwhip & Bamni of Chittagong district. In the year 1886 this district was named as Noakhali. On 27 April 1819 ? through an order  of the Govt. South Sahbajpur was returned 

 Mahatma Gandi came to Sreepur, Noakhali with peace mission in the communal 

riot-torn area in 1946

to Bakerganj District. In 1876 ? Noakhali district was divided into two  sub-divisions. In the year 1886 this district was named as Noakhali. On 27 April 1819 ? through an order of the Govt. South Sahbajpur was returned to Bakerganj District. In 1876 ? Noakhali district was divided into two sub-divisions. Feni Sub-division was constituted with Chhagalnaiya thana of Tippera, Mirshari of Chittagong, Feni Pargana, Parshuram & Sonagazi. Sadar Sub-division was formed with the remaining areas. Sudhdram, the Head Quarter of  Noakhali, got vanished in the river-bed in 1951, as a result of erosion of mighty Meghna. After that the Head Quarter of  Noakhali was established at Maijdi. In the year 1964 Sadar Sub-division was divided into two sub-divisions, namely Sadar and Lakshmipur.  In the year 1986, Noakhali district was divided into three districts, namely Noakhali, Lakshmipur and Feni.






A tottering building of Mughol period in Noakhali, now standing in this way 



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Tele: 9560225 or 9550055

E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com

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Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com