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The people of  Noakhali are, by and large, politically conscious. During the period of British colonial rule, people of this area joined the non Co-operation movement led by  Mahatma Gandhi. They boycotted the British goods largely and established hand looms (Charka) to produce clothes. On the other hand, the historical impact of 

Abdul Malek Ukil

Former President 

Bd. Awami legue 

 A  Mannan. Former MP

Industrialist & politician 

looting of Arms Depot at Chittagong attracted the youth of Noakhali. Some of them joined the terrorist movements named ‘Zugantar’ and ‘Onushilon’  who followed the  idea of ousting colonial force through armed revolution. During the Pakistan movement, the politicians of Noakhali played a positive role. In the general election of 1946  the people of  Noakhali voted for the candidates of Muslim League.  Habibullah Bahar Chowhury, Advocate Abdul Hakim,  Moulana Golam Sarwar and Khan Bahadur

Abu Sufian  

President, Bangladesh BFPA

Obaidul Kader 

Former State  Minister  

Abdul  Gofran were elected as members of  Legislative Assembly. During Pakistan period, the politicians of Noakhali district played a commendable role for the emancipation of  common people and establishment of  democracy in the country. National leader Abdul Malek Ukil was elected Speaker of  the Parliament.  Later on, he was appointed Minister of Bangladesh Government. At one stage Abdul Malek Ukil was elected  President of Bangladesh  Awami 


League. Another national leader of Noakhali is Barrister Maudud Ahmad, now Law Minister of Bangladesh, and formaly the Prime Minister and Vice-president of Bangladesh. Obaidul Kader, former Deputy Minister has been elected Jt. Secretary General of Bangladesh Awami League.  Barkat Ullah Bulu, another stalwart politician, rendered  services as Technocrat  Minister. He has been placed to the coveted post of Chairmanship of  Jatiatabadi Jubadal. He is now the Advisor of the Ministry of Commerce. Besides, Member of the Parliament  Zainul Abedin Faruk, M. A. Hasem, Chairman, Partex Group of Industries, Advocate Mahbubur  Rahman,Mohammad Shahjahan, Mohammad Ali, Ex-M. P. Professor Md. Hanif and Mahmudur Rahman Belayet are active in the political field.

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