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Noakhali Town is called the “Town of Peace”. Starting right from Begumgonj towards the south, the mind of the tourists will be filled with the southern cool breeze and the natural beauty at the two sides of the clean wide metalled road. After crossing Gabua, the beautiful ‘Noakhali Gate’ will come under sight After Maijdi Bazar there  is the Shahid Bhulu Stadium and a little farther to the left is the Maijdi Police 

Nijhum Dip 

A rare beautiful scenery of quiet island in Noakhali

Training Center. The rows of  ‘coconut trees’ on both sides and the metalled road in between refreshes one’s mind. After the Police Training Center comes the Maijdi PTI and the  Noakhali Poura Bhaban. After a little distance to the left is the district Collectorate Bhaban (locally known as Court Building).To the east of the Court Building, the office of the Police Super is situated. The two-storied Police Super Bhaban with a charming garden in front attracts the attention of the visitors. To the south of the road, Maijdi Court Building Dighi may refresh the on-lookers easily. Around the dighi is Maijdi Poura Park with beautiful ‘Zhau trees.’ Late Abdul Malek Ukil, a veteran leader of Bangladesh is lying on eternal rest in the graveyard situated on a corner of Maijdi Court   Building Mosque. Zilla Edghah is just adjacent to the court Mosque. To the south of the dighi stands the most beautiful Shahid Minar of greater Noakhali.To the west of Shahid Minar is the ‘victory stand’ made of red  bricks and then comes the ‘Moumachi Kachi Kanchar  Mela’. The 

Victory Stand, Kachi Kanchar Mela and Shahid Minar belong to a big field covered with green grass. Every year the traditional ‘Bijoy Mela’ is arranged here while the workers of different cultural organizations use this field for their activities all the year round. One standing by the side of Maijdi Court Dighi will feel like standing by the  side of a quiet river. Virtually, this is the most attractive place in the whole of the three districts of greater Noakhali. In the middle of the district town, the remnants of Harinarayanpur Zemindar House still reminds people of the 

Gandi Asram Trust 

situated at village Jayag of Begumgonj in Noakahli. 

Zemindary system of the past. Many relics are still seen in the wall of Rai Bahadur House. The metalled road of nearly half-a-kilometer leads straight from Rai Bahadur House to Harinarayanpur Railway Station established in the British period. It is said that a white flag would remain flown in front of the Rai Bahadur House when he intended to go outside the district. On reaching the station, the railway staff would first see whether any flag was flying in the zemindar house. If it was seen flying then the train had to wait till the arrival of the Zemindar.

‘Sonapur Catholic Mission’, situated in the suburb of Noakhali district town Maijdi, is an attractive place. The metalled road with rows of bettel-nut trees on the two sides and the church housed in a big red-coloured tin-shed are really beautiful. There is a garden in front of the church and a big bell in one corner. The cemented passage used by those coming to the church for prayers is nicely decorated with wild grasses on the two sides. The quarters of the ‘Father’ and ‘Sisters’ are just by the side of the church. There are two medium size ponds on the two sides

Bajra Shahi Mosque 

situated at village Bajra of Begumgonj in Noakahli. 

of the quarter with a soothing effect on the whole area. From Sonapur, proceed towards the south through the ‘pucca beri band’ with rows of ‘babla’ trees and paddy fields on both sides till you reach the bank of  river Meghna at a distance of 30 Km. Little away from  here is the  Meghna Ghat  from where you can go to Hatiya and Nijhum Deep by a trawler or sea truck.  Nijhum Deep is a beautiful new island in the Bay of Bengal situated to the  south-west corner of Hatiya.In the south of the island there is a big forest developed by the Forest Department. This forest abounds in deer,  monkeys, snakes and other animals. In the winter, there is a huge gathering of local and migratory birds. In fact Nijhum Deep is a piece of heavenly beauty in the winter.

Another spot of archaeological importance of Noakhali is the ‘Mosque of Bazra’. The village Bazra is situated 8 miles to the north of district town Maijdi by the side of Laksam-Noakhali railway branch line. Amir Sanaullah, the then owner of Bazra jaigir started the construction of ‘Bazra’Shahi Mosque’ in the pattern of  Tajmahal in the Hizri year 1134. The construction was completed in the Hizri year 1154. The ‘Bazra Shahi Mosque’ is a wonderful embodiment of Moghal architecture. In the year 1922, late Ali Ahmed, the 

 Noakhali Jame Masjid,    established  in 1950,

symbol of modern Muslim architecture. 

then zemindar of Bazra, plastered the whole exterior of the mosque with piece of China clay, which greatly enhanced the beauty of the mosque. Two stones with foot-prints are found engraved on the wall of the mosque and hearsay about this is but a fiction.The ancient building of  Bidyabhushan Bhattacharja situated at village Ghoshkamta, one mile to the east of Bazra, is another spot of architectural beauty in the area.

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Tele: 9560225, 9550055
E-mail: laksmipurbarta@hotmail.com