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Organizational Information 


The Lakshmipur Barta is the only regular regional News-Magazine, having been published since 1986. It delivers various news, useful information and views related to socio-economic and cultural affairs of Greater Noakhali region of Bangladesh. The Lakshmipur Barta always keeps a watchful eye on the problems & possibilities of Greater Noakhali that means, the districts of Feni, Noakhali and Lakshmipur. It presents the real picture of this area to the general readers, policy-makers & administration of the country. Because of its dedication and commitment to deliver courageous, investigative and true news, the Lakshmipur Barta has become the most popular and reliable regional news-magazine in Bangladesh.


History of this publication 

It was 1986. The editor of Lakshmipur Barta, Mr. M. Helal, was a student of Salimullah Hall of the University of Dhaka. At that time he felt the necessity of a newspaper to promote the development of his loving birthplace. Immediately he took initiative to make his thought come true. In the meantime, a renowned intellectual of Bangladesh, Prof. Kazi Faruqui, extended his helping hands to publish this paper. His inspiration & the patronization of Mr. Sayed Badrul Alam led to a quick start of the publishing of the Lakshmipur Barta.


Aims & Ideals  

The aims and ideals of this paper are to make educational, cultural and economic development of Noakhali, to keep intact the unity and fellow-feeling among its people, to revive the legendary love and fraternity and to expedite national development through regional development. Besides, upholding the tradition and glory of greater Noakhali in the national and international context, is another aim of this paper. 


Our Projects

The Lakshmipur Barta is not only a Newspaper, but an institution also. It has 

some wings which are functioning beyond the range of publications, such as-


Lakshmipur Barta Relief & 

Rehabilitation Program

In our area we have to face a lot of damages by natural calamities like cyclone, flood etc. A large number of our people have to fight the sad situation and lose their lives and properties. In such a critical moment Lakshmipur Barta extends its helping hands to the distressed people.

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L B Education Fund 

The Lakshmipur Barta has created an education fund for the poor but meritorious students of Greater Noakhali area, who have no capacity to bear their educational expenditure. This fund helps them solve the problems. The Lakshmipur Barta awards scholarships to those brilliant students who score excellent results in their examinations.


Lakshmipur Barta Readers' Forum

The learned readers and writers initiated the `Lakshmipur Barta Readers' Forum`. By becoming a member of this forum-

  You can receive the Lakshmipur Barta regularly by mail,
        even outside the country.

 You will be informed and invited to different social and
       cultural activities of this organization,

 In every issue of the paper a column is reserved to publish
       names and addresses of new members of this forum,

The members will be able to publish their personal and 
       non-commercial advertisement at a 50% less than the 
       normal rate.

      Send the completed membership-form to our office and
      remain aware of the latest news of Greater Noakhali.


Participation of L B Reader's Forum members

 in a function during annual  picnic 


Social Awareness Program

The Lakshmipur Barta not only concentrates on the local physical development but is also working on
building a cultured, hard-working and honest human resource through its social awareness program. By publishing various kinds of stickers and leaflets, it is trying to build up a positive social attitude in our people. Some of them commit crimes, take drugs, smoke and misbehave with senior persons. Some times they forget their responsibility to the nation. In this context, some of our slogans are as follows : 


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Smoking-free office and classrooms are safe and healthy ;

We want terror-free society,  we want region- based development ;

Police is your friend, help them to maintain law & order.

      We have been publishing calendar every year, which contains 

      lots of such messages to develop social awareness. 

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Lakshmipur Barta Library

The Lakshmipur Barta library contains a large number of books and souvenir which are written or published by the people of Greater Noakhali. Writers, organizations & research students are using this library to collect information as their research & study references.


Columns of Lakshmipur Barta

The Lakshmipur Barta covers various socio- cultural, economic and political news 

of the greater Noakhali region. Some of its popular columns are described here. 


The Personality Column

The Lakshmipur Barta likes its readers to be acquainted with the scholar personalities of Greater Noakhali. Through this column, the readers get a chance to know about the life-style, thoughts and activities of different personalities of Greater Noakhali. The Lakshmipur Barta also encourages the readers to follow various remarkable ideologies and policies of those scholars. This column covers personalities from various disciplines including intellectuals, businessmen, political leaders, educationists etc.

Former Vice-precedent,  Barrister Moudud Ahmad 

is being interviewed by L B Editor M Helal 

& Asst. Editor Mohammad  Mostafa 


Expatriate News  

One of our objectives is to publish news of those people and organizations, who are mainly living outside Greater Noakhali or outside Bangladesh. In this way, we work as a medium of exchanging information between home and abroad. This also makes a link between the people of Greater Noakhali residing in different parts of the world.

 Some distinguished persons of Greater Noakhali in U K. 

Submission to the Prime Minister from `Noakhailla'

This is the most popular column of our magazine, which is addressed to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.In this letter we draw the kind attention of the Hon. Prime Minister to the current situation and problems. This letter also enables the administration to get on idea about the law and order situation, needs and problems of the locality.


Khaleda  Zia    Prime Minister 

Local News

We have a regular column as `Local News'. In this column we publish the news which contain the information of rural areas. People living within the country and abroad can get information of their birthplace through this column.


Our Advisers

Lakshmipur Barta, during it's 18 years journey, has been lucky enough to have personalities like Syed Badrul Alam, A B M Kamal Uddin Khan, Ali Haider Chowdhury, Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain MP, A N M Fazlul Karim, Aminul Haque, Gias Uddin Chowdhury and Sahjahan Bhuiyan as its patrons. Late Dr. Mafizullah Kabir, Late Sanaullah Noori, Late 

Syed Badrul Alam

Prof. Kazi Faruqui

Ismail Zabiullah


Mohd. Shafiq Ullah, Professor Kazi Farooqui, Md. Ismail Zabiullah, Dr. M. Habibullah, Late Dr. Solaiman Khan, Principal Hosne Ara Shahed and Ramendu Majumder have graced the paper as advisers. At the moment, Syed Badrul Alam, Professor Kazi Farooqui and Mohd. Ismail Zabiullah are with Lakshmipur Barta as a patron or adviser.

Our Founder-Editor

M. Helal is a young, energetic and intelligent journalist possessing unique visions and talents. He completed his B. Com. (Honours) and M. Com. from the Department of Accounting of the University of Dhaka. Since his student life in the university, he has engaged himself in various socio-cultural activities. He was the Literary Secretary of Salimullah Hall Students Union of Dhaka University. He edited and published the annual magazine of S M Hall twice. Then he took a unique initiative and started publishing the first ever paper on education of Bangladeh, the University Campus, which has been regularly published for the last 21 years. 

M  Helal 

At the same time he started publishing the unique regional magazine, The Lakshmipur Barta, which has been published regularly for the last 17 years. M. Helal is also connected with various socio-cultural organizations. He is the life member of Bangla Academy, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka University Alumni Association etc. His dream is to initiate national development through educational and regional development, to work for student & youth development of Bangladesh. His wife Mrs. Nazneen Ahmed Helal is an economic researcher of Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), now doing Ph.D. in The Netherlands.

Our Office 

From tin-shed to own modern building

The Lakshmipur Barta once started functioning from a small tin-shed cottage at Azimpur Road of Dhaka. The noble spirit of some young journalists under the leadership of M Helal ultimately brought it on a high-rise spacious office compound. It could be possible by the sacrifice of some of its workers. Earlier it was published in a simple letterpress, now it is being published with computer compose in four-colored laminated cover. Day by day it is becoming a very popular and well-known regional news magazine in Bangladesh. Now the Lakshmipur Barta has its own office situated at the heart of Dhaka city.